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UPDATE: Check out my revisited Gluten Free Pancakes recipe!

Baseball is finally over. We lost in the semifinals yesterday to the Rockies. It was a good game; we fought to the end.

This last week, the tournament had virtually taken over our lives with 7 games straight, all during dinner time. This successfully disturbed the rhythm and routine in my household, so I must confess to some relief that the season has come to an end. To celebrate our success as a team we had a party at my house; for dessert I served the Candy Bars and they were a hit.

Unfortunately, my husband says they are “the worst thing” I have ever done to him. He is on a diet (he was injured this year and unable to work out for months) and having what is basically a healthy version of frozen snickers on hand at all times is not helping with his weight loss goals. And we are a very goal oriented crew in this household, not exactly laid back kinda people.

I myself have spent this evening drinking Thai Iced Teas and gorging on pancakes to perfect the recipe below. I have made three batches alone tonight hoping to come up with one that will satisfy. Of course, part of this entails eating 2 pancakes from every batch in order to analyze them precisely –quite the sacrifice. This last batch though is pretty good, so I’ve taken liberties with extra samples and had about 5.

My son promised me that he would make the pancakes tomorrow morning for his breakfast if I left the batter in a mason jar for him labeled “PANCAKE BATTER.” We’ll see if they pass the ultimate 8 year old test tomorrow morning.

Serves: flapjacks
  1. In a vitamix, combine eggs, agave, vanilla and water and blend on high until smooth
  2. Add almond flour, salt and baking soda and blend again to incorporate dry ingredients into batter
  3. Warm grapeseed oil in a large skillet over medium heat
  4. Pour pancake batter onto skillet
  5. Pancakes will form little bubbles, when bubbles open, flip pancakes over and cook other side
  6. Remove from heat to a plate
  7. Repeat process with remaining batter, adding more oil to skillet as needed

Why do I call these flapjacks? Well, first to distinguish them from a similar recipe on this site which contains dairy.

Just to be sure, I checked the definition of flapjack in wikipedia and learned that “in North America, flapjack is another term for a pancake…The word elements: flap- meaning a tossed mixture and jack, an uncertain word suggesting a variety, imply any ingredients could be called a flapjack.” So basically, feel free to make anything and use this term to name it!

Stay tuned for healthy syrups and sauces to put on your pancakes. Easy enough, of course, for an 8 year old to prepare.