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Almond Milk

This homemade, gluten free Almond Milk is a natural, dairy free milk alternative.

Almond milk is one of my favorite drinks. Rich and creamy, it’s easy to make and super nourishing. While almond milk is a good alternative beverage for those on a dairy-free kick or raw food plan, I think it’s just plain delicious, whatever your dietary predilection! My children drink it by the glassful, while I drink it in my tea and blend it up in smoothies.

I used my favorite nine-year-old hand model to take the pictures above and while he’s been a bit of a wild stallion of late, I have to say he was a model passenger for the almond milk photo shoot. Got milk? Yes, we do! He gulped this cupful down as soon as we were finished photographing.

Almond Milk
Serves: 6
  1. Soak almonds and vanilla bean overnight
  2. Discard soaking water and rinse almonds in a deep bowl of water, repeat until water is clear
  3. Place soaked almonds, vanilla bean and 4 cups of water in a vitamix
  4. Blend on highest speed for 90 seconds
  5. Strain milk through cheese cloth or a strainer bag, set aside solids for another use
  6. Serve

Making this almond milk is quick and dirty, you will definitely get your hands wet as you squeeze it through the paint bag. After you’re done, you can enjoy this rich homemade almond milk in chai with a splash of agave nectar; perfect for fall.

You can use the leftover pulp to make my Almond Pulp Crackers!