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Multi “Grain” Crackers

The recipe for these gluten free crackers comes from my friend Betsy

Don’t be confused by these gluten free Multi “Grain” Crackers.  Because they are in fact gluten free and grain-free.  That’s right, these crackers don’t contain grains.  What are they made of?  They contain a multitude of high protein, high fiber superfoods including almonds, flax and hemp.

So as you can see, even though these are called Multi “Grain” Crackers, I have not started eating grains again.  And yes, I’ve been grain free since 2001, on an eating plan (don’t like the word diet) that is similar to those referred to as Paleo or Primal.

Multi "Grain" Crackers
Serves: about 25 crackers
  1. Pulse almond flour, macadamias and coconut flour in a food processor until well ground
  2. Pulse in seeds, flax meal and salt until almost fully ground (leave a little texture for crunch)
  3. Pulse in shortening, then water; dough will form a ball in food processor
  4. Roll out dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper to ¼ inch (or less) thick
  5. Cut into 2-inch squares, 5 rows each way
  6. Bake at 300° for 20 to 25 minutes (or dehydrate; haven't tried so you will need to experiment)
  7. Serve

The idea for these gluten free crackers is from my dear friend Betsy.  She came over one Saturday afternoon last November so that we could go for a hike.  We did, and then we set out to bake our way through my kitchen.

These crackers were the first thing we made.  It was a lot of fun because Bets (that’s her nickname), cooks the way I used to, before I started cooking for all of you.  She just throws ingredients around without any measurements and says things like, “a few handfuls of this,” and “a lot of that.”  I translated her handfuls and throws into exact measurements and then made the crackers a few more times to get them exactly the way I wanted.

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