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Chicken Parmesan

Each year my husband requests a special dish for his birthday. Last year it was chicken parmigiano.

Classic chicken parmesan goes gluten free when chicken breasts are coated in almond flour. This chicken recipe can be a staple in every gluten free chefs repertoire.

Even though we are on different diets, in my home we partake in one family meal. This way, we come together energetically – we share the same space, breathe the same air and eat the same food.

My older son asks to have this parmesan chicken dish every week; for some reason (probably differentiation) my younger son complains about it, and then inevitably devours it. Enjoy.

Chicken Parmesan
Serves: 6
  1. Cut chicken breasts in half for thinner cutlets; pat dry
  2. Dip cutlets in egg, let excess run off then coat with almond flour
  3. Melt butter over medium heat; then sauté chicken cutlets until deep golden brown on both sides
  4. Remove chicken and drain on paper towel
  5. For tomato sauce combine tomato paste, water, Herbes de Provence and garlic in a pan; simmer for 15 minutes
  6. Place ½ cup tomato sauce on bottom of a 7 x 11 inch baking dish
  7. Spread cutlets out in a single layer; cover with remaining tomato sauce, then layer with mozzarella
  8. Bake at 400° for 10 minutes
  9. Serve