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Marcona Almonds

Many of you had questions about Marcona almonds when I posted my recipe for Marcona Almond Mayonnaise, so I thought I would take the time to provide some answers.  Here’s the first question from one of my favorite readers:

Is there a difference in taste or texture between Marcona almonds & regular almonds?  I know the Marcona almonds are from Spain so maybe (and hopefully) these are truly raw almonds (they’re not so obsessed with pasteurization in Europe).

To answer this question I found a quote from Wikipedia, “The Marcona variety of almond, which is shorter, rounder, sweeter, and more delicate in texture than other varieties, originated in Spain and is becoming popular in North America and other parts of the world.  Marcona almonds are traditionally served after being lightly fried in oil, and are also used by Spanish chefs to prepare a dessert called turrón.”

Indeed, the Marcona almonds that I purchase from Whole Foods are not raw, and also have a light coat of oil and salt added.  I haven’t ever come across a raw Marcona almond, though from the wiki quote above, it does look like they exist.

Do you soak the almonds (6-8 hours) before adding them to the recipe?

Thanks for your question, Kara, I don’t soak previously roasted nuts; when soaking is necessary in my recipes, I do provide this specification, you can see my Almond Milk recipe for an example of this.

Can this be made with regular almonds?

I do not think this would work, though haven’t tried it myself.  The Marcona almond is blanched (sans skin) which helps to make my Mayo creamy.  You could always give it a try and let us know how it turns out.

If anyone has more experience and light to shed on the subject of Marcona almonds, we would all love to hear from you with a comment on this post or as a topic in the forums.  As always, the forums are generally the best place to post questions.

By the way, these healthy nuts are one my favorite gluten free snacks.

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