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Nutrition Information

I like to cook. This is a website about cooking. I’m not a nutritionist, nor have I ever pretended to be. I don’t like to count calories or other nutrition information for that matter. So imagine my surprise when I received this comment the other day:

Yes, we know you do not answer nutrition questions, but it would be helpful, useful, and simply kind if you would simply supply this information with the recipes you provide. Organic Valley egg nog has 180 cal. and 10 g fat, while Living Without vegan egg nog has 366 calories, 33g total fat, per serving! For vegan! No cream, or cholesterol laden eggs! And Elana’s recipe? God alone knows. Elana– this seems a bit of a grinch like policy on your part.

First, let’s get down to basics. Anyone can use a simple website called sparkpeople.com to gather nutrition information about anything they eat. Including my recipes. Second. I am not a big corporation. I’m a mom. I have celiac disease. I have multiple sclerosis. I also have 2 children. And, even a husband. Though I neglect him. To write posts like this. I’m not complaining though. I like to write. It’s good. But, just like all of you, I’m juggling my way through life every day.

I like to share recipes. It makes me happy. That’s why I have this website with 600 recipes on it. I don’t like to sit with spread sheets and calculators. I used to do that a lot when I had this job. I owned a big company when I was 28 years old. I had lots of employees. Some of them were a lot older than me. All of my clients were. It was fun. I was in Fortune Magazine. I made lots of money. Lots more than I do writing books. But writing books is fun. So I do it. Yup, I traded in that old power suit (navy blue by the way) for a Power Bar. Now I write power bar recipes. And other stuff like that. It’s fun.

If you need nutrition information along with your recipes, then you probably do not want to buy my book. Who knows though. You’ll need to decide that. On your own. Don’t listen to me. I like my books. Of course I do. I wrote them.

Often when people find out I write cookbooks, they say, “oh, I am going to buy your book.”

“Stop,” I reply, “I have a website with free recipes. Take a look at that to see if you like my cooking and see if it is a good match.” It is the yentl in me, I want to make a good match. I don’t like it when people waste their money. Even on me.

So this is a post to tell you. I don’t provide nutrition information. I might someday. But I might not. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t call people names. It’s not nice. And by the way, I’m doing really well with my health. So don’t worry about me. I take really good care of myself now.

If you hate me, I won’t even take it personally. I know that I suck to many people. Just don’t read my blog. I promise. I won’t tell anyone.