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Crockpot Hot Toddy

Crockpot Hot Toddy Non-Alcoholic Mocktail Recipe

Healthy Hot Toddies for the holidays offer a cup of pure deliciousness in a sea of junk food.

The perfect drink for your neighborhood Christmas cookie exchange or New Year’s Eve party, I serve these healthy Hot Toddies to both adults and children, and sometimes I make ‘em as an after school treat for the boys and the gaggle of friends they bring home.

It is best to start making this spicy, warming drink several hours before you plan to serve it as most crockpots can take time to come to temperature.

Crockpot Hot Toddy

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  1. Place water, tea bags, ginger, cinnamon and honey in a crockpot on highest setting
  2. Steep for a couple of hours until hot
  3. Ladle into cups and add lemons when your guests arrive

Serves 12

When making Hot Toddies, I’ve found it’s best to add the lemon at the end of the cooking process, as the rind can become bitter and over shadow the other flavors in this drink if the lemon is added to early.

I lightly sweeten this healthy beverage so that those looking to limit their intake of honey and other sugars can partake in it. I set out additional honey and stevia for guests (such as my boys) who want a sweeter Toddy.

Here are some of my other favorite warming beverage recipes:

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December 16, 2012

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  1. Denise

    Thanks, Elana! It’s nice to see a hot toddy that’s not fruit juice based–they’re delicious, but too much sugar for me.

  2. Susan

    MMMmm – sounds lovely. What herbal tea have you had the best luck with? With the ginger and cinnamin It may even taste a bit like a rum toddy.

  3. Elana Daley @ conceptsintraining.com

    I laughed when I saw your post!! It’s one of my favorite drinks w/o the alcohol and I introduced my husband to it last year. So funny, it brings back memories of 4 families renting a home in Lake Tahoe for the holidays and building snow ladies (yes anatomically correct) and ice skating/snow skiing. Of course that was when I was a kid. Hope you are having the best holiday and hope it’s relaxing too!

  4. Myjuicingweb @ myjuicingweb.com

    Can i add some ginger powder. I want more hot effect..

  5. a

    anyone know how much four quarts is?? i.e. in litres..i’m from aust :-)

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