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Cucumber Mango Salad

cucumber mango salad
This is one of my favorite healthy fruit and veggie salads for a hot sunny day.

This quick and easy salad recipe is a healthy addition to any gluten free dinner. The unique combination of a vegetable (cucumber) and a fruit (mango) makes a healthy and appetizing salad that appeals to kids and grown ups.

We’ve just come into another burst of warm weather, so I’ve been spending more time on the front porch watching my boys play and of course, making warm weather salads.

Cucumber Mango Salad

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  1. Toss mango, cucumber and ume plum vinegar together in a medium bowl
  2. Serve

Serves 6

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May 10, 2007

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  1. ~M

    Do you have any alternative, Passover-friendly, options to the vinegar used here? I was thinking cucumbers + mango or cucumbers + pineapple but I need some sort of unifying element. I wonder whether a splash of coconut water might work…

  2. ~M

    This is delicious! I used two small, firm cucumbers with very few seeds (I believe they are called English cucumbers). I didn’t peel them because they were small and I wanted to make it quickly. :) My mango was really juicy and, combined with the ume, this made such a great dinner salad. Even my alleged cucumber hater was slurping up the last few bites! Thanks, Elana!

  3. katie h

    Yum!!! I found this recipe a few days ago and made it just now.- Loved it!!! Thanks Elana!

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